Male Escort London

Experienced male chaperone for females only 18 and above.


Male Escort London

"The time went so fast!"

Male Escort London

Friendly Chaperone have been established since 2009, featuring in Nuts magazine previously know as friendly escorts and now Friendly Chaperone.

We provide a service for females only covering the London area. Marvin is a an experience Male Chaperone and is flexible to accommodate your needs.

Booking is easy and the rest is just waiting for Marvin to arrive at the agreed location.

Take your time to look through what we have to offer and a description of Marvin can be found on our about page, 

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Our process takes three steps.
  1. Read our terms and conditions and click the appropriate yes or no button on our contact us page.
  2. Wait for a confirmation number.
  3. Then enter your and confirmation number below the deposit payment facility before making a deposit.

You can also get a confirmation number if you ring  Marvin 07796473024

Proof of Confirmation reply received 

Thank you! You can proceed to pay the Deposit!

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FRI-SAT May 4th-6th

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Over 50's Weekend

FRI-SAT May 18th 20th

Our Upcoming Event

Disabled  Weekend