Male Escort London

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Male escort London

Male Escort London

Marvin is an experience male chaperone based in London 

Height: 5'9

Age: 36

Escort Name: Marvin

Build:  Athletic

Years Experience: 8 years

Featured in Nuts Magazine Febuary 2010

Appearance: Smart/Casual


Sensual Massage

Descreet Home Visits

Descreet Hotel Visits


Companion to Events

Price estimate

Friendly Chaperones have an hourly rate starting at £600

Marvin has the experience and will be consistant through out the booked time with him.

Please read our

Terms and Conditions 

  • At the time will Marvin tolerate any violence rudeness or any form of abuse.
  • You are paying your time with Marvin and nothing else
  • After making a payment your time slot will be classed as booked once you have receivced confirmation via email or have been replied to via our contact us form.
  • Reasons for terminating any booking at any would be that you have breached our terms and conditions
  • At no point will Marvin Chaperone any males.
  • Refunds are not an option so take care when booking as we need to confirm whether the time slot that you have requested is possible and accepted.
  • Please allow a two window for arrival if booking in the same Hour. Bookings that are not for the same day need the same confirmation as the others which is via our contact us form or available email address.
  • On arrival our escort expects to arrive in a safe environment and would suggest any safety measures are met like pets, dogs or other being in a separate room to the chaperone.
  • We take no responsibility for any loss or injury incurred from using this service and aim to meet at the suggested meeting Locations agreed upon.
  • We recommend that if you are not single that your partner accepts you using this service before booking as we not provide a refund,
  • If by any chance we do not take payment online payment will be given on arrival of meeting.
  • The male chaperone booked will reasonably time the service, and will  end when the time booked is met.
  • You may cancel the booking at anytime for what ever reason. but the chaperone will expect to be paid the full amount for the time booked so plan your booking carefully.
  • Any potential changes to the time booked should be brought up with the chaperone booked.
  • We don't accommodate any dominatrix type females looking to whip or other similar related types of activities related.
  • When booking please be aware that the travel expense will be included in the price.
  • You do not have to live in London to use this service but be aware of the time constraints for the booking to be possible and allow an hour window for arrival added to the booking time.
  • Our chaperone plans to arrive on time where possible will update you the client on estimated time of arrival
  • Our Chaperone will agree on an hourly rate which is set at £600 an hour,
  • The deposit option is available on our home page and should be paid once you have completed our contact us form and received the appropriate reply that  would clarify your time slot requested is available.

Have you read and agreed with our terms and Conditions
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Frequently asked questions

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  6. Do I have to have sex?

For bookings contact Marvin on 07796473024